We all think. Then we use our senses: we look, listen, smell, taste, feel. We don’t need to do anything.

What we thought, we must accept, as well as what we did. Regret is a hair-brained scheme so that we can excuse, an artifice. I cannot repent. Thus I am not an artist.

After I tried to connect my way of thinking with my entourage once more – this asks for activity and rest – an idea may form a figure. Origin of it goes without saying, the aim is still.

Today is not a personal matter. The present is of all times. My images show consciousness of imperfection. And I don't regret it.



Paul Spijkers, 's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands, 1961, autonomous performer




The trading name Paul us Spijkers is registered as one-man business in Handelsregister van Kamer van Koophandel (Trade Register of Chamber of Commerce in The Netherlands, (KvK)), with KVK-number 77566858.

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