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Visual art never shows the middle. It exposes something of the maker, or of ourselves when we look at it. Therefore it is not always easy to talk about it.

As a maker of (mainly) paintings, usually I start with a rather vague idea, not so much with an appearance. By thinking about the idea, I reach a temporary title. Often I make several sketches, untill I think to know how to catch the subject in an image. A title gets fixed.

As time goes by, I sometimes understand what I made - who I am: sometimes impulsive or exuberant, sometimes deliberate or subdued. Probably that's because of my fluctuous moods or double nature. I have a manic-depressive personality.

Though I am a spectator, I primary don't try to reproduce my surroundings or neighbourhood in a realistic way. I mainly am focussed on myself and know that our own way of thinking can also be an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

The interest in structures, main lines and exceptions is present since my college days. As a (fiscal) jurist I wasn't able to convert the ideas, and most times there was pressure of time as well. As a painter / artist I have more possibilities to use this interest.

If you like a work on this website, you're free to make inquiries about it by sending a message.


Picture displayed: 'Dat geeft lucht (That brings air)', March 30th, 2022, oils on canvas, 60 x 40 cm.

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