My story sketched: figurative abstraction


My name is Paul J.J. Spijkers (1961, 's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands). Spijkers is proud of his own identity and sociability; his interest in the right brought him, through Gainesville, University of Florida, a master degree (Leiden, 1989).

Paul us Spijkers knows that his work as a (tax) jurist - from 1993 till 2015 he worked as a registrar for Gerechtshof (Court of Justice) 's-Hertogenbosch - did not bring him what he expected: since 1991 he aligns his attention especially on recreating.

As painter, Paul us Spijkers has space for discovery of the concepts identity and sociability: working as painter is allowed to be an introspective activity: it is interesting to ask oneself how I created something.

Paul us Spijkers is a living creature; he has been drawn from own experience and observations; he is satisfied when people recognize the exceptional elements.

Abstract figuration: at first the idea has been shaped in thoughts. After that, it got (for example on canvas or on paper) a real form. Thus, the subject has become figurative abstraction, between dream and deed, a Paul us Spijkers, an accessible posession. The title of a work is your introduction.


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