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Visual art never shows the middle. It exposes something special about the maker, or about ourselves when we look at it. Probably my painting change just like my moods.

As a maker of (mainly) paintings, usually I start with a rather vague idea, not so much with an appearance. By thinking about the idea, I reach a temporary title. Often I make several sketches, untill I think to know how to catch the subject in an image. Then I take the canvas and the oils.

With a painting, I try to tell something or to ask a question. The chosen title is not only a personal reminder, it also can be useful for the one who looks at it. For instance, someone who looks at 'That brings air' may ask what it is that brings air.


Picture displayed: 'Dat geeft lucht (That brings air)', March 30th, 2022, oils on canvas, 60 x 40 cm.

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