Paulus J.J. Spijkers - below: I - was born in 's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands, on November 17th, 1961, as second child in a family that moved to Oss in about 1965. I took love for music in with my mother's milk. After secondary school, I graduated at HEAO Arnhem (HAN University of Applied Sciences (Institute for Business Administration and Economics) | Arnhem). From 1985 till 1989 I studied the law at Leiden University. In 1988, something happened.

In that year, I was in Gainesville (U.S.A.), for a summercourse at University of Florida, together with 24 other Leyden students. Coincidentally, someone asked me if I wanted to join them to the Dalí Theatre-Museum in St Petersburg. Although I had never seen a work by Salvador Dali before, at that place I looked at his painting ‘La noia dels rulls’ (The girl from Ampurdán, 1926), and asked myself why the pictorial little building had three windows and why one stone was painted. I also had a furtive look at the back of that girl's figure. After that, I examined Dali's ‘Torero alucinogeno’ (The hallucinogenic bullfighter, 1968-1970). I was curious if Dali wanted to make a drinking Dalmation visible, and was astonished at a little sea scout that stood on the canvas. I thought the pictures were watching me and I had not seen paintings. After a second visit to the museum, I didn't change my mind: the early images by Dali became realistic in retroaction.

I took the Master's exam on the Fiscal law subject at Leiden University in 1989, and worked as an assist tax counsellor at KPMG Meijburg & Co | Tax & Legal (office Rotterdam) till June 1990. As a result of the fact that experiences as an employé didn't come up to expectations, I became confused. I left Den Haag, where I was staying in those days, to live on my own in Oss.

In 1991, I suddenly wanted to make a picture of an idea. I then painted ‘Die näherbringende Frau’ (The nearbringing woman). It appeared my enthusiasm of 1977 had returned, which I knew when I made 'Recuerdo de Calella' (Memory of Calella), my first painting in oils. I tried to retrace myself by painting, not forgetting the law; I wanted to recreate.

In 1993, I obtained a permanent appointment as acting clerk of the court at Gerechtshof 's-Hertogenbosch (Court of Justice | 's-Hertogenbosch), where I started at the division for tax cases. Although as from 1998 I was allowed to approach criminal fields there, I wanted to make painted creations from my ideas of rights. In 2015, I was granted resignation by the administration of the law court. As a cause of that, I could go on working with revisionism, a way of painting with progressive timelessness: expressive quantum mechanics combined with binair physics, vinegar with oil in one, just a bit as with good mayonnaise, for that also holds an egg.

In January 22nd, 2021, my first short story Kweepit en de vierzijdige vrouw was published by novum publishing in the anthology Novum #9 Volume 2. Do you want to order the book, choose here.

The short film 'My first move' (in moderate recording quality) can be watched on You Tube.

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