Short Curriculum Vitae

Born on November 17th, 1961 in 's-Hertogenbosch | The Netherlands

1972: First piano lessons

1988: Summercourse University of Gainesville (Florida, USA); Visit to Dalí Theatre-Museum | St. Petersburg

1989: Master Fiscal Law at Leiden University | The Netherlands

1989-1990: Assist tax counsellor at KPMG Meijburg&Co | Rotterdam

1991: Painting 'Die näherbringende Frau'

1993-1994: Academy of Fine Arts, Arendonk | Belgium

1993-2015: Acting clerk of the court at Court of Justice 's-Hertogenbosch

2021: Publication short story in anthology Novum#9, Volume 2 | Novum Publishing


A few poems




Flower and sand

Bees and hand

A flower and a bee

Are important to me


The sun in May

A fish that swims all day

The coffee and the tea

Are important to me


Ground to be refined

A split in the behind

A caress without a why

Are important to my





Presently to be seen

Tomorrow is proof

That yesterday was keen

And today would move



The revisionistic endowed


Images, anyhow commenced

Thrown in the memory

Can not be brought down

Looking for entire independence

They can not be stolen

Would they have been recallable

They were not exceptional in a path

Would they be beard patiently

Then they were painted fairy tales





Playful you turn ahead

Dancing with the breeze

Over fresh grass you leave

Towards the summer





Daily going back

The difference to see

I didn't miss

The mud on my eyes

Wiped away





Not missed by diving whale

To whom was lost her tale

She found her message in a bottle

Now drinking sparkling mail





Sphere dweller

Always believes in glory

Enriching the story

Because he's fortune teller



Poetic silence


First every day a mixed

His lines never got fixed

Giving only sequence

To his own nonsense

Not being wealthy

Would he dream unhealthy

Drunk his pain with a twist

Would he be a masochist





I stand still

And see the images moving

I try to catch one

But they are already gone


Then I walk further

And see one picture

It was pure coincidence

That they couldn't keep up



The wind


He told the weather before today

Served his meals with curry

Now he leaves in a hurry

When the thunder finds a way






When there were differences

For today

When we might have forgotten



Along the canal


With eyes wide open of surprise

We go along the houses

And stride on

While washing is getting done inside



The make-up


It's wonderful to be aware

For those who do not believe

Without anything to declare

She finally can bring relief





Art is air.

You inhale it

You blow it out

Only after you died

It can be missed


© 2021 Paul us Spijkers® Paintings & Texts